Dear brothers & sisters,
As you are aware that our masjid incurs daily costs and with the suspension of Friday prayers due to COVID-19, the collection has virtually ceased.
We therefore ask you to please pay your donations directly into mosque’s bank account and or set up a monthly direct debit.

Account name: The Heaton Mosque
Sort Code: 30-91-50
Account Number: 00638229

May Allah reward you in this life and in the hereafter.
The Heaton Mosque and Islamic Centre

About Us

Heaton Mosque and Islamic Centre provides access to religious guidance, Quranic study and recitations, congregations for daily Salah prayers and other Islamic facilities in Newcastle upon Tyne. The mosque congregates for five daily prayers on each day and accommodates big gathering for Juma Salah every Friday. Please see prayer times on our home page. The mosque has access to multiple prayer halls and ablutions facilities for both brothers and sisters.

Moreover, the mosque also hosts a library on site with a varied book collection including general and Islamic history, Quranic interpretations and a variety of Fiqah and Hadeeth books. We also offer Islamic and spiritual guidance, Quranic interpretations and teachings of Sharia in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence.

Quranic classes are held every weekday in the evenings to teach Quran to the children of our local community lasting 2 hours each session from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.